Complications in Neurosurgery by Turel, K.E., Chernov, M.F., Sarkar, H. (Eds.)

This book illustrates and discusses key points related to intra- and postoperative complications of brain, spine and peripheral nerve surgery, and covers most of the neurosurgical subspecialties, including skull base surgery, brain tumor surgery, vascular and endovascular neurosurgery, neuroendoscopy, functional neurosurgery, spine surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, and radiosurgery and radiotherapy. In addition, it considers related medicolegal, ethical and philosophical aspects. Including materials represent combined proceedings of the First International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery (March 3-5, 2017; Mumbai, India) and dedicated symposium ‚ÄúComplications in Neurosurgery‚ÄĚ during XVI Congress of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (August 20-25, 2017; Istanbul, Turkey). The articles in this volume are written by recognized experts in the field and based both on their personal experience and current scientific evidence. It offers a valuable reference guide providing detailed recommendations on prevention and management of complications in neurosurgery.
  • Focuses on the prevention and management of neurosurgical complications.

  • Includes practical tips provided by internationally respected neurosurgery experts.

  • Covers several neurosurgical subspecialties. Maecenas dapibus facilisis cvallis.

"Complications lead to humility and humiliations"
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