• 2nd International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery, 25-27 Jan, 2019, Mumbai, India

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Presenters are requested to pre load their talks at least 2 hours before their presentation. Please contact Dr Mihir on +917567776111 for the same. ICCN 2 will be inaugurated by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Scientific Program for 2nd ICCN has released Presenter/Moderators are requested to refer to the guidelines specified Delegates from over 40 countries participating in 2nd ICCN
Dr Keki Turel

Chairman's Address for ICCN 2019

Complications are an inherent part of our practice of medicine, especially with surgical specialities. Neurosurgery is the most intricate of all, and complications in this field can be truly devastating, and may not only make the patient and his/her family miserable but also tarnish the name of the neurosurgeon and the specialty at large. There are two sides of the coin of Complications – Anticipation or Prevention, and Recognition and Management. In our increasingly litigious society, it is best to make every effort to prevent them from occurring by careful attention to patient’s history and clinical examination (before jumping to the images), accurate reading of scans and other investigations, and discussing the nuances of the case, preparing detailed plan and alternatives towards its approach, execution and closure (or repair), with members of the neurosurgical and allied specialty teams. Involving the patient and his/her family in decision-making, making them allies of our plan and patient-care will lessen the ill-feeling and agitation that can possibly arise following a complication. Intra-op management of complication is often complex, and if well-planned, intra-op adverse events can be handled swiftly, and with least fuss or agony between the surgeon and his team; but in the face of unexpected events, much will depend upon the experience and wisdom of the surgeon. Again, it is necessary and prudent to convey such events to the patient’s family as soon as one can.

The issue of dealing with Complications in Neurosurgery is vast, and opinions diverse and even paradoxical. Social, cultural, geographical and economic factors also come into play. Hence, it is essential to discuss such cases and events in an open forum, unabashedly, with a view to learning from each other, and as an obligation to our patients. Such a forum can help us share and lighten the huge burden we carry, create consensus and even act as insulation from criticism or penal action by the authorities.

With this, and many such issues in mind, we had organised the 1st International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery (ICCN) in Mumbai, India in March, 2017. This was attended by 383 delegates from 25 countries. All 215 presentations were deliberated over 3 days (average 72/day) in one ballroom hall so that no one missed out any discussion. The response at that meeting and its spinoffs were truly encouraging. Suddenly there is a buzz all around with many local and regional conferences devoting a session or two to discussing Complications, with some basing the theme of an entire conference on it. The President of WFNS pronounced a new Committee on this important issue under my Chairmanship, and we are now poised to host the 2nd ICCN, again in Mumbai, 25th thru 27th January, 2019.

Whilst the basic format remains the same as of 1st ICCN, we will minimise didactic lectures and provide more time for discussion. The details of scientific program will be spelt out in the appropriate section. We invite all members of our large neurosurgical community from all corners of the world to meet under one roof and partake of this unique educational event.

Meet Our Core Committee

Smita Sharma

Dr Smita Sharma

Org. Secretary

Shankar Athawale

Dr Shankar Athavale


Nirav Mehta

Dr Nirav Mehta

Scientific Chairman

Dr Hrishikesh Sarkar

Dr Hrishikesh Sarkar

Scientific Convener

Dr Mazda Turel

Scientific Convener

Dr Mihir Chawda

Dr Mihir Chawda

Scientific Co Convener

Clips from Advisory Committee

Appreciation for ICCN 2017

"One complication leads to another - The Domino Effect. It may often not be the last."
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