Sr NoCommentMinutes
1 The complication must be experienced by the presenter personally / within his team -
2-3 Narrate the story in 3-5 slides/ videos
Disclose the complication and pause
4 Wait for the Panelist / Audience / Moderator to comment 1
5-6 Your response to the comment
Action taken (Slides / Video)
6 Moderator’s comments / summing up on lessons learnt. Additional remark by presenter, panelist, moderator on: How I would not do it / How would I have done it differently? 1

• P.S: It is mandatory to upload your presentation in the preview room at least 4 hours prior to your talk. Please contact Dr Mihir on +917567776111 for the same.

• Preview room will be functional from the evening of 24th January.

• The presenters of 25th morning session must avail of this facility.

• Kindly note that the scientific program for all three days is very tightly packed and even a single minute lost will deprive everyone of valuable discussion time.

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