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1 Please prepare a very short introduction to each set of complications that will be presented in the session you are moderating 1
2 Invite the presenter.
Presenter projects his case.
3 After the presenter demonstrates the complication there will be a pause for:
The panelists to raise queries on:
  1. Why it occurred?
  2. Why it could not be anticipated?
  3. What ran through your mind at that time?
    1. Anxiety
    2. Nervousness
    3. Attack or defend?
    4. Change of plan and proceed or Back up?
    5. Ask for help / Opinion?
    6. Speak to the family?
The panelists will give an opinion / comment and even suggest a solution
4 Invite quick response from audience (if time permits) 1
5 The presenter continues with the action taken, and the result 1
6 Moderator’s comments / summing up on lessons learnt. Additional remark by presenter, panelist, moderator on: How I would not do it / How would I have done it differently? 1
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