The Revival of Mandana Art by Village Women under Aayam

Ever Since our villages have been upgraded with cemented houses under government policies, we have been robbed off the beautiful mandanas that were painted on mud walled village huts. The then crafted artworks made using local colours (Hirmich - red brown clay, pilli mitti - ochre clay and Khadai mitti - white clay) which gave the local houses a personality of their own are now bare cemented walls are fast languishing because the white and red clay became difficult to work with on limestone walls.

These are highly spectacular forms of indigenous art enclosing a vast variety of wildlife and the local surroundings that are represented in a stylistic format capable of inspiring even the modernists and designers alike.

Our community action plan is to preserve the tradition systematically with a sense of generating self esteem and would ensure that these works could be displayed at international and national levels, but also these women could find reliable employment opportunities in near future.

All sensitive tourists and connoisseurs who were used to capturing these large scale wall art in the villages of Sawai Madhopur can now take home a piece of Mandana art to adorn their living rooms with.

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