Note : This is a unique educational event for all neurosurgeons eventually leading to better patient outcomes. Corporates are urged to contribute a part of their CSR commitment to this noble cause of educational and social benefit.

  • 2.5 crore sponsorship

    Sole Sponsor

    The sponsor will finance the entire conference - the sponsor may partner with other sponsors to take up Sole Sponsorship of the event.

  • 30 Lakh Platinum Sponsorship

    Platinum Sponsor

    Hosting one evening function (excluding cost of function). Prominent display at the reception area of venue, on website and souvenir, 5 complimentary registrations, 1 large stall for 3 days, access to all conference events!

  • 25 Lakh Gold Sponsorship

    Gold Sponsorship

    Hosting one main scientific session. Prominent display on website and souvenir & at the areas other than reception, 4 complimentary registrations, 1 large stall for 3 days, access to all conference events!

  • 15 Lakh Silver Sponsorship

    Silver Sponsorship

    Hosting one regular scientific session or event display on website, souvenir and at the venue other than the reception 3 complimentary registration, 1 regular stall for 3 days, access to evening functions!

  • 10 Lakh Bronze Sponsorship

    Bronze Sponsorship

    Display at the venue, on website and souvenir 2 complimentary registrations, 1 regular stall for 3 days and access to evening functions!

  • 5 Lakh Stall Premium

    Stall Premium

    Stall Premium!

  • 3 Lakh Stall Ordinary

    Stall Ordinary

    Stall Ordinary!

  • Scientific Session

    Scientific Session

    Scientific Session per 2 hour session!

  • Lunch Session

    Lunch Session

    Lunch Session!

  • Gala Dinner

    Gala Dinner

    Gala Dinner

  • 15 Lakh Silver Sponsorship

    Audio Visual

    Audio Visual!

  • 15 Lakh Silver Sponsorship

    Printing and Stationery

    Printing and Stationery

  • 15 Lakh Silver Sponsorship

    Conference Kit Bag

    Conference Kit Bag

Stall sponsorship includes : 1 regular stall for 3 days, 2 complimentary registrations, display on website and souvenir. All other sponsorships/contributions will be duly acknowledged.
Kindly issue check in favour of : MUMBAI INSTITUTE OF NEUROSCIENCES
PAN No. - AAATM7739E
80G Certificate No for Income Tax Exemption : TR / 36951 dated 22.03.2003
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