Chairperson Guidelines

  • The Chairpersons (Moderators, Panelists) will be briefly introduced by the compere/ coordinator and requested to come to the stage
  • The CV Slide of each speaker will be flashed on the screen as he / she walks to the podium.
  • It is the responsibility of the chairpersons to see that each speaker finishes in his allotted time and the Q&A to be taken strictly during the allotted time. However, they can interrupt the presenter whilst the Complications is presenting to inquire 
    1. Why it could be anticipated before the presenter proceeds with the steps taken to contrast the adverse event, the Chairperson may suggest what they would do to control it.
    2. Finally the presenter will show how he / she managed or mismanaged it.
  • In order to facilitate this process it might be helpful to:
    1. Meet the speakers before the session starts. Find out which speakers are presenting and how to pronounce his or her name.
    2. Try and be in the presentation room at least 10 minutes before the session starts.
    3. Please be seated in the front row of your allotted hall.
      • If the speaker is absent, or cannot present the talk, it is the responsibility of the chairperson in coordination with the Hall Coordinator to make suitable amendments to the session. Preferably in advance. Please do intimate the organizing committee with regard to any changes
      • All sessions must and will start on time. If you wait while more people wander around. 
      • If a speaker does not show up last minute, the session will continue as per sequence
      • If the audience has no questions, the chairperson is expected to ask a question. If the audience has lots of questions, it is courteous to postpone your questions to give others a chance.
      • Given the tight schedule, time keeping is paramount to a successful program. We rely on the chairpersons to see no session over shoots its allotted time
      • The presentation will freeze and screen will go blank at the end when time has run out. If the speaker has not completed the presentation the chairperson has the right to request to go to the conclusion slide and close the talk. 
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