• 4th International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery, 10-12 Mar, 2023, An in person Conference

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Registrations for 3rd ICCN is now open The third ICCN will be virtual from 5th March to 7th March 2023 The last day for submitting abstracts/videos is 28th Feb 2023 Delegates from over 40 countries participated in 3rd ICCN
Dr Keki Turel

Chairman's Address for ICCN 2023

Hello everybody. Welcome to the ‘World of Complications’. I am not referring to the banter on Corona and the Complications the world has been facing for the past year. I am talking about Complications in Neurological Surgery. Neurosurgery is an intricate field of medicine demanding not only exemplary surgical skills but also pre, intra and post Op-decision making all, of which can have great impact on the patient’s life. Complications are an unfortune part of surgery making the consequences of treatment worse than the original disease, bringing great suffering to the patient and his family, and also tarnish the reputation of the surgeon and, the speciality at large. Complications may arise due to numerous factors, such as inadequate preoperative clinical and radiological assessment, an error of execution; may be related to the technology or tools employed, or simply to an insurmountable disease. Most Neurosurgical Conferences in the past, and even now, lay emphasis on technical nuances, and how complex cases were tackled by the surgeon’s knowledge, skill and innovative methods. Very few had shown the dark side of what was attempted. Success is not built on success. It’s built on failures, it’s built on frustrations, and sometimes it’s built on catastrophe. With the view to learn from our failures, we organised the 1st International Conference on Complications in Neurosurgery in 2017. This evoked an unexpected and effusive response, urging us to make this a regular 2- yearly event. 2nd ICCN in 2019 attracted similar or even greater enthusiasm. Then came 2020, and thanks to the Pandemic, we Neuro professionals have experienced an interesting year of learning entering the new normal. The magical virtual world has dawned upon us by raising the bar of conference technology as we host the third edition of ICCN from 10th to 12th March, 2023 bringing the world-renowned neurosurgeons closer to fire up conversations about Complications in Neurosurgery and share their relevant experiences and insights. This 3-day virtual conference will cover myriad subspecialties and rapidly evolving technology in the field of neurosurgery, where over 100 speakers from all parts of the globe. will have frank and open discussions about the stumbling blocks they encountered.

This unique virtual conference experience boasts four state- of- the- art interactive features, namely- 1) a lobby, 2) Auditorium, 3) Operation Theatre, 4) Sponsor & Networking Lounge!

To wrap up the educational initiative, we will also have a special Rewards & Recognitions ceremony to felicitate inspiring & remarkable achievers.

I invite you to be a part of this exciting brain-storming opportunity where the takeaway will be significant in our respected profession.

Meet Our Core Committee

Nirav Mehta

Dr Nirav Mehta

Scientific Chairman

Dr Hrishikesh Sarkar

Dr Hrishikesh Sarkar

Scientific Convener

Dr Mazda Turel

Scientific Convener

Smita Sharma

Dr Smita Sharma

Org. Secretary

Clips from Advisory Committee

Appreciation for ICCN 2017

"One complication leads to another - The Domino Effect. It may often not be the last."
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