EPoster for ICCN 2023

Instructions for E Poster Presentation

Registration of the presenter for the conference is mandatory

Guideline for E Poster
  1. The E-poster will be displayed on a standard (16:9) display format in 50” LCD (Portrait Orientation)
  2. Posters should be made in Power point (.pptx) ONLY
  3. The name of the final file should be the Abstract no. assigned followed by your name
  4. Maximum number of slides per E-poster shall be up to TEN slides only
  5. Total size of the presentation should not exceed 25 MB
  6. Animation/movies/sounds will not be supported; please submit in a static pptx format only
  7. NO timing is to be applied as transition

Design Specifications
  1. The poster should be self explanatory. Text should be brief and well organized
  2. It is suggested that font size of the text should be at least 28 point. The typeface chosen should be a simple and clear one (e.g. Helvetica, Calibri, Arial, Tahoma)
  3. Color suggestions:
    1. When using light backgrounds (white, yellow, light blue) we suggest using dark fonts (black, navy blue, dark green)
    2. When using dark backgrounds (blue, purple) we suggest using light fonts (white, yellow, cyan)
    3. Avoid using red or green in any fonts or backgrounds as they are colors that are difficult to read
  4. Illustrations, images and photographs used in the E-poster should be enlarged enough to show relevant details
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