My Dear Keki
Thank you for the superb and unique meeting you organized in Mumbai. Your choice was fabulous since we rarely spend sufficient time on complications and errors in our practice. I enjoy the discussions and controversies concerning special cases especially because the majority of speaker play an honest role talking on what they have have done wrongly and what they were supposed to do.
Thank you for that and thank you for the incredible organization of your meeting. The social program was great and I was impressed by the show and the female singer.
Kind regards my dear friend for your kind invitation.
Dr Maurice Choux on ICCN 2017
Dr Keki,
Before leaving India, I would like to thank you - formally - again very much for your great thoughts and efforts with which you and your team made this fascinating congress possible. I learned a lot from all lectures and the discussions, and it would be great pleasure for me if we would edit a possible book together, if you wish.
All the best - relax and enjoy - and do keep a good work-life balance!
Dr Maximilian Mehdorn from Germany
I wish to congratulate you again with excellent organization of ICCN and for inviting me to take part in this event. I have really enjoyed everything and definitely wish to come back to your country again in some future. Particulary I was very impressed by the level of presentations and discussions of Indian neurosurgeons, which have clearly demonstrated their very professional expertise. Selection of international speakers was also very good. You and your team just did a perfect job.
Dr. Mikhail Chernov
Dear Keki
Thank you very much for everything in Mumbai.

Your congress was so wonderful, and very philosophical.

I could study a lot.

I hope to see you again. Thank you very much.
Dr Tetsuo Kanno
Dear Keki
It was a wonderful meeting which I never experienced before. Complication is the mother of improvement of skill and knowledges. This kind meet will greatly impact YNS and senior NS both.

Once again thank you for your hospitality and give us a chance.
Dr Yoko Kato
Dear Prof. Keki Turel,
Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful conference. And congratulations on your success. The content was so educational as to greatly impress myself. I will continue to brush up my skills while truthfully taking care of the patient.

Looking forward to seeing you next.

Respectfully Yours.
Dr Hidehito Kimura
Dear Dr Turel,
I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to attend last weeks confernece. It was very worthwhile and congratulations getting everything to run so well, I think its an excellent idea.

I would be delighted to help with training courses in the future, particulary under the auspices of the Asian Congress.

Best Regards
Dr Gavin
Dear Dr Keki
Thank you very much for your hospitality.

The meeting was so impressive for me discussing about complications. Your passion and will, led us to such a successful meeting.

I could not meet you for saying my appreciation and good-bye at the final day.

Thank you very much.
Dr Taka
Dear Sir
My hat-off salute to you and your team on successful completion of such an extraordinary meeting on Neurosurgery.

I feel proud to be part of the meet.
Dr Md Anisul Islam Khan
My Dear Sir,
Having been one of the first to register, I feel it was a decision which I will never regret. Let me congratulate you for conducting 'one of the best Neurosurgery Conferences' attended by most of us. And presence of Dr Sami, Prof Kano & other greats of Neurosurgery (International/National) was a Bonus. I shall always cherish this meeting & will be my pleasure to be associated with you in anyway in future.
Warm Regards
Capt (Prof/Dr) Krishna Yadav
Dear Dr Turel,
Thanks for the opportunity to present at the meeting. It is truly a unique event. I learnt a lot in the time I was there.
Hope you conduct this annually.
Dr Partha Thirumala India
Respected Sir
Heartiest congratulations for organizing a successful conferece... It was throughly enjoying, educational and has provided room for more thought and introspection.

Thank you for providing an opportunity to reflect within and participate in the scientific proceedings.

Warm Regards
Dr Dattatraya Muzumdar India
Respected Sir
I am great full for your kind invitation and hospitality. I appreciate your kind thought of providing me a platform in your esteemed workshop.

Thanking You
Dr T. N. Janakiram
Respected Sir,
First of all I would like to apologize for writing in this letter so late. I was out on vacation and did not have access to internet.

I have written this mail to congratulate you on the wonderful conference you organized. It was a learning experience, and conducted in a very grand and classy manner. All session I attended were informative, though I chose not to walk up to you personally and tell you the same during the conference because you were visibly pre-occupied and busy.

Also, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present on such a wonderful platform. It was my honour to have spoken to such an august gathering of neurosurgeons.

I end by congratulating you again. I already look forward to attending the second season of your conference and would consider it my good fortune to be a part of it.

Thanking you sir. Warm Regards
Dr. Amrita Guha
Dear Keki,
Back in Boston a couple of days now, I once again went through the nice gallery of pictures that you had sent about ICCN. What a fantastic assembly of first class neurosurgeons we had there!

Once again : I want you to know that I very much admire for what you have done here.
I must congratulate you on your tremendous effort and the overall academic programme that was appreciated by all as a "neurological feast", not to mention the lovely photos of the entire event that you have shared on Google photos
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